Jesuit Engineering Perspective for an Improved Global Future

The gathering in Bhubaneswar will mark a significant moment in shaping the future trajectory of our network

Delve deeper into the essence, purpose, and approach of our Network

This pivotal gathering in XIM University is dedicated to the profound exploration and refinement of the IAJES identity, vision, organizational structure, priorities, and collaborative methodologies within the expansive network. At the forefront of our discussions lies a conscientious consideration of the pressing global "emergency" confronting the world. Searching into the realm of integral ecology, we aim to foster a shared understanding among IAJES members regarding a common goal.

Within the esteemed halls of XIM University, a dynamic discourse is set to unfold, resonating with the shared aspirations that have been articulated through the powerful lens of the 4 Universal Apostolic Preferences.

Employ engineering expertise to enhance the efficiency and foster the growth of our network

At the heart of our concerted efforts lie the main drivers for transformative action our task forces and projects. As we come together at this event, the joy of collective gathering is amplified by the synergistic blend of our diverse expertise and shared determination.

Over the course of the three days that encapsulate our summit, a triad of thematic dimensions Inspiration, Reflection, and Action will guide our deliberations.

IAJES's next two years

A pivotal goal on the horizon is the election of the IAJES Board for the forthcoming years, a critical decision that will shape the course of our organization. 

Equally significant is the determination of effective strategies for overseeing and coordinating the various task forces and projects, aligning them seamlessly with the identified plan of action. Delving deeper into our organizational framework, we aim to articulate a clear roadmap, ensuring that our trajectory remains harmoniously synchronized with the overarching goals of the International Association of Jesuit Universities (IAJU). 

This strategic session is poised to be a cornerstone in fortifying the structure and purpose of IAJES, laying the foundation for a dynamic and purposeful journey ahead.