Icam "Parcours Ouvert" Engineering program 

IAJES webinar - 20 October, 2020


In 2017, Icam launched the “Parcours Ouvert” - Considering the changing profile of the younger generation and the complexity of the issues that engineers will have to address in the coming years, Icam has taken a bold step forward in the pedagogical innovation. The “Parcours ouvert” is built on five founding principles:

This program with students distributed in Douala, Recife, Kinshasa … and in the near future in other places around the world is an extraordinary promising opportunity for new generations of international multi-disciplinary engineers.

In this activity, we introduce the "Parcours Ouvert" to the broader IAJES community with the hopes of obtaining feedback from participants on the design of the program, and to stimulate discussions on topics of common interest. This online event will include an introduction to the "Parcours ouvert" program followed by exchanges based on the questions.

You can access the webinar recording here:

IAJES Webinar _Parcours Ouvert_ - October 20 - 4_00 pm UTC (2020-10-20 at 09_12 GMT-7).mp4

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