Vision, Mission and ambition

You will find here an expression of our vision, mission and ambition.


Make IAJES a worldwide leader and reference organization in the promotion of a new generation of engineers, scientists, and researchers deeply rooted and trained in the spirit of the Jesuit mission and Universal Apostolic Preferences.


To join the engineering schools in Jesuit Universities worldwide, in order to promote the development and growth of our society through academic activities, research and social action.

To seek a more humane and just world through the use of technology and innovation under the guiding principles of the Society of Jesus.


  • To know, to share and to learn from positive experiences in education, research, innovation, and service within our universities, for the purpose of forming engineers inspired by the Jesuit tradition.

  • To promote the care of the whole person in all our interactions and experiences.

  • To propose and work on interdisciplinary and multi-campus projects addressing the needs of marginalized individuals and communities, using the knowledge of science and engineering.

  • To sustain a worldwide community of engineering educators, which is driven by a living sense of fellowship, belonging and solidarity.

Involvement of the universities of the IAJES network

This is an important topic for the development and continuity of IAJES. Without a real human commitment from the universities, our association cannot develop.

=> To be able to count on a pool of universities that want to invest concretely in the implementation of IAJES

=> Active members are needed to represent universities, regions and to join task forces and projects

=> The provision of time for a given duration according to the roles held is essential.

By doing so, we ensure that the maximum amount of the budget potentially raised from Fundations will be allocated to development projects among IAJES members.

The need for a minimum financial support for certain actions, from our universities or from external bodies, should not be excluded. The mutualization of basic resources with IAJU (Communication, Website, Database, ...) could also be a solution to consider.

These matters must be taken into account for the future development of IAJES.