Conference Bilbao 2018

Enjoying an extraordinary welcome from our friends from the university DEUSTO, 36 Directors, Deans, Professors and Researchers from 21 Jesuit Engineering Schools gathered during two full days July 6th-7th 2018 . 

List of attendees

The variety and quality of our speakers highlights the richness and potential among our network.

Talks about Research and Training on Large engineering issues


Jose Luis GuttierezIBERO - Mexico”As an educational institution, what can we do to promote effectif changes and improve living conditions of the society?”Slides


Pablo Frias Marin ICAI - Madrid - Spain“We have to put a lot of efforts to try to bring all the people deprived of access to the energy into the light.”Slides


Alex Rayon Jerez DEUSTO - Spain”The problem is not technology...We have to teach how technology can transform our societies using less resources.”

Technical case studies related to environment and health

"Alternative building materials from waste"

Fernando Silva - UNICAP - Recife”If we can use the sugar cane ashes as a material in replacement of cement in production of concrete mortar, we can avoid environmental impacts and reduce the CO2 emission.”
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"Radiations and health"

Fr John RoseXavier Institute of EngineeringMumbai- India“We can show in India one, that Engineering school is not minded to make money alone and two, we can bring ethics in Engineering.”
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Ignatian specificities - Engineering for social justice

A great will is expressed to be creative and purposeful to address this essential issue : humanizing engineering

The Ignatian approach to engineering 

Aleksandar Zecevic - Santa Clara - USA”We have not just to provide information but change their minds..Broad interdisciplinarity is another characteristic of Jesuit Universities...Of course we have to give specialization but we need to give them Breadth.” Slides Video

Human development for future decision-makers

Yann Ferguson - Icam"We have to reinvent our links to the planet putting more ecology into humanism."
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Innovative pedagogy to mix Engineering and social justice 

Gail Baura- LUC- USA“With engineering environments changing we believe we must prepare our students for these environments that (for example) if a request to falsify data occurs they have thought about it and they have a plan of action.”Slides Video

“Becoming an engineer within a Jesuit University : which specificities ?”

Fr. Jose Maria GuibertRector DEUSTO - Bilbao - Spain”From the greek origin, we inherited two models of institutions : university with the scientific and professional model which pushes the knowledge for its own sake and promotes successful professional life. And the humanistic school with the aim of training people in social responsibility and in effective communication skills. What defines our institution today?”Paper Slides Video

Engineers for a societal change 

Guillermo DorronsoroDEUSTO - Bilbao - Spain
“What does it mean to be human? it will be more and more difficult to be different from machines.”
“A lot of changes are going to come; this is going to be a very complex moment of history ...but it's really important to be optimistic, to have hope in ourselves and society.”Slides Video

Building a successful Jesuit network under the umbrella IAJU

A proposed roadmap for IAJES: real collaborations

Lars OlsonMarquette University
“The idea is to facility and make the collaborations between faculty from places where there is a lot of research going on with faculty in places where research is less accessible.”
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Building Jesuit Networks - Ideas on success factors for Jesuit Networking

Fr. Daniel Villanueva SJDirector "Entreculturas"Expert on Jesuit Networking
“We have to be very clear: what is the added value you are bringing into the table of the jesuit mission? are you bringing learning capabilities and adaptation to our mission , impact or scale.., explorability and innovation..., to which objectives of the higher education secretary are you contributing? to what extent you work ? If you are clear with these questions, I think you are in a proper way to succeed.”
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How to operate fruitful synergy between IAJU and IAJES? 

Fr. Michael GaranziniSecretary for Jesuit Higher Education
“When I was told that you wanted to form an association and that it would be difficult and so on and so forth..! No, it's going to be easy because engineers are very collaborative by nature; they understand everything has to fit together and work together or nothing happens.”