Disability and Inclusion in Society

Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Cali is part of two projects supported by the Institute for the Deaf and Blind Children in Cali


The University of Deusto is a dynamic institution committed to the promotion of research excellence, with the development of post-doctoral researchers at the core of its strategic plan. Founded in 1886, DEUSTO is the oldest private university in Spain, a unique mix of tradition and innovation offering state of the art facilities nestled in campuses of historical and architectural interest (Bilbao, San Sebastian and Madrid). Deusto Foundation, established by the University of Deusto with a focus in applied and action research, acts as a link between basic research and academia, and society at large. Its two prestigious research centres, the Basque Institute of Competitiveness - Orkestra, and DeustoTech, have a long trajectory of collaboration with public and private companies, government agencies, industry and SMEs and other stakeholders. Orkestra has become an international model in the analysis of regional competitiveness in a global environment. Its main framework is the study of competitiveness and regional development to contribute to the improvement of regional competitiveness and citizens’ wellbeing. Likewise, DeustoTech, a research and transfer centre for new technologies, is recognised worldwide for its cutting-edge research in the development of new technologies, innovation and knowledge transfer, and ICT activities in business and society. DEUSTO’s research embraces a 6 ‘I’s model: research oriented to Internationality, Interdisciplinarity, Inter-sectorality, Innovation, Social Impact and Inclusion. Our strong research base of over 500 academics, 9 prestigious research centres, 34 Teams of Excellence, 19 of them with external recognition by the Basque Government, and 5 interdisciplinary research platforms form a fertile research ecosystem where new ideas thrive, and offer the space and freedom to pursue new horizons, all supported by experienced professional services teams. DEUSTO’s long trajectory leading and participating in EU funded project (FP6, FP7, Horizon 2020) has planted the institution firmly on the international research arena, attracting and retaining talent worldwide. With substantial external funding, which currently include an Advanced ERC, 2 MSC COFUND Doctoral Projects and a large number of international consortia projects, UDEUSTO’s research is leading the way. UDEUSTO sits on the top percentiles of national and international rankings and is a key innovator recognised in the newly launched EU Innovation Radar. eVIDA Research Group from the University of Deusto is a research group within the Engineering Faculty. This group is an experienced, dynamic and diverse team of telecommunications, electronics and software engineers, physicists, mathematicians and psychologists. Founded in 2002, the group is committed to research on and development of ICT-based tools, systems and interventions for psychological, social and physical health. Over the last decade, eVIDA have established close working relationships with key local stakeholders including hospitals, charities, other research groups and ICT companies. eVIDA conduct applied research in two main areas. In the field of ICTs for Well-Being, eVIDA research, design, develop and test tools and systems which enable disabled people and the elderly to live more independent lives. eVIDA is currently involved in creating apps and devices for informal learning and informal learning follow-up services, programmes for person-centred care, and various tele-medicine and tele-monitoring systems. Work in this area has included applied research aimed at assisting groups such as people with intellectual disabilities, people with autism, people with visual impairments, people with hearing impairments, and people with multiple sclerosis. In the field of health, eVIDA specialize in creating diagnostic tools and systems and interventions for people with health problems such as skin and lung cancer, laryngectomy, epilepsy, migraines, dyslexia and bed sores. This work is based on long term research in the processing of: speech, 1 ECG, EMG and EEG signals, and MRI (colon and lung cancer, articulatory description...), neuro fMRI, dermoscopy, pressure ulcers and stroboscopy images. eVIDA group has extensive previous experience in both national and international projects. The results of its research and its application have been published in over 90 scientific articles in international journals and books and have been presented over than 150 international scientific conferences. eVIDA has been awarded with the University of DeustoBanco Santander Research Award in 2007, the ONCE Euskadi-Solidarios Research Award in 2007, banco Santander 2014, Fundación Orange Award 2016, Benito Menni 2019. The lead researcher and members of the research team form the eVIDA research team, recognized by the Basque Government since 2010. This team is part of various research networks such as the European Network of Livings Labs (ENoLL) under the name “Life Living Lab (L3Lab)” and the “Red de Espacios Sociales de Innovación (ESdI)” under the name “LS2TECH”.