Embodying Integral Ecology in Learning Design - April 2021

"What does integral ecology bring to the learning of design thinking?

Why does it matter?

What might be implications for Jesuit schools of engineering?"

Lanny Vincent

Adjunct Lecturer Innovation Theology, Intrapreneurship, Collaborative Creativity, Systems Thinking, Design and innovation - Santa Clara University (SCU)

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"What if speculative design could be applied in order to develop

experimental architecture / design projects at undergraduate level?"

Celina Andino

Program Director of Product Design Master degree - Universidad Centroamericana "José Simeón Cañas" - San Salvador

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"to create an impact for the betterment of our society

in the empowerment of the next generation of innovators and technopreneurs"

Carlos Toto Oppus

Director, Ateneo Innovation Center - Computer Engineering - Manila

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"Teaching this Jesuit value while meeting students and

engineering curriculums where they are"

Tonya Nilsson

Senior Lecturer - Civil - environment and sustainable Engineering - Santa Clara University (SCU)

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Some Questions/Responses

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