Research & Academic Cooperation

Team Members

Rosa NomenIQS - URL,
Luis Aaron MartinezUCA 

Julià Sempere

IQS‐URL, Barcelona, Spain 

Carlos Campos

UNICAP, Pernambuco 

Llorenc Puig, SJ

Benjamin Dingel

Ateneo de Manila, Philippines 

Muhsin Elie Rahhal

St. Joseph, Beirut, Lebanon

Magda Faijes

Elaine Scott

First action: 

Hosting a webinar to develop cooperation

11 May 2021

The International Association of Engineering Jesuit Schools (IAJES) Task Force “Research and Academic Cooperation” organized a webinar in order to introduce its objectives and foster cooperation within the network. During the webinar, three initiatives were presented and discussed. 

The webinar consisted of two parts. Firstly, the team provided an introduction to the Task Force and an explanation of the three initiatives. Secondly, Break-out rooms were arranged for discussing the three initiatives, examining their feasibility and potential next steps. Finally, results were presented at a plenary session, finishing with a survey for exploring present interest and future work. 

3 initiatives proposed during the webinar that caught the interest of the 59 participants

Initiative 1: Mentoring 

The mentoring program aims at the sharing of knowledge between experienced professors and younger or less experienced professors within the Jesuit Universities network.

Initiative 2: Cooperative PhD Program 

This initiative builds on previous experiences within the network.  Students pursue PhD degrees conducting research with a professor at another University. The research project should be of interest to both universities.

Initiative 3: Building Transversal skills for scientists and engineers 

To develop a tentative program that helps train scientists with research techniques and skills applicable to many disciplines.