Engineering, Ethics & Spirituality

Chair: Aleksandar Zecevic -

Science and religion as a platform for inter-religious dialogue

Aleksandar gathered the first members for the task force :

      • Aleksandar Zecevic, Santa Clara University (Chair)

      • José Funes, S.J., Universidad Católica de Córdoba

      • John Rose Santiago, S.J., Xavier Institute of Engineering, Mumbai

      • Ahmed Amer, Santa Clara University

Jose Funes sjUniversidad Católica Córdoba
Aleksandar Zecevic Santa Clara
Ahmed AmerSanta Clara
Fr John RoseXavier Institute of Engineering -

You find here a first document explaining the aims and objectives of this working group:

IAJES Task Force on Using the Relationship between Science and Religion as a Platform for Inter-religious Dialogue

IAJES Task Force Proposal.pdf