Let us reinvent our future together

The conference in Boston will represent a milestone event for the future of our network. We will...

Explore further the identity, mission, and strategy of our Network

The primary objective of this conference in Boston is to further the IAJES identity, vision, priorities, objectives and ways to proceed within our network. In particular, with regard to the "emergency" the world is currently facing, what can we reasonably expect from IAJES members as a common goal in terms of integral ecology? How far and how fast can we progress and work together within IAJES ?

In Boston, we will discuss our common ambition in response to the fervent calls signified through the 4 Universal Apostolic Preferences.

Apply the "engineering touch" and make our network grow in efficiency

The main levers for action are the task forces and projects. Beyond the joy of gathering at this event, thanks to the synergy of our expertise and common determination, our network is called to address new challenges and projects.

A large part of the conference will be devoted to reflexions within the task forces and proposals for coordinating plans.

Plan ahead for the next 3 years of IAJES

An important objective is to elect the Steering Committee and its executive secretary for the coming years, as well as decide on the means of coordination within the task forces. We will also define our road map and decide on the date and location of our next conference.

A preparatory workshop

March 31st - April 3rd

In order to prepare for the conference and to elaborate a panel of proposals that will be discussed, meditated and discerned in Toulouse, a group composed of the steering committee members and the task force chairs will gather in Rome at the beginning of April.

With the support and participation of Father Garanzini, the contribution of Fr David McCallum as the facilitator, our network is guaranteed to be established on sound foundations and we will be taking a significant step forward in Toulouse thanks to our mission, specificities, and methodology.

Make the best of your experience of a conference inspired by “Laudato Si”

For a start, we will be adopting ecological principles: Local providers for the lunch and coffee-breaks - No single-use plastic utensils or cups - Public transport to get around - Accommodation possible at an innovative eco-hotel.

Because air travel has a significant impact, we also will make it possible for participants to make a voluntary contribution to compensate for their carbon footprint. On the page “Carbon footprint compensation” you find both the estimation of your personal impact and the project we propose to support.

Other sessions during the conference will contribute to our reflexions around the topic of integral ecology and how Icam is addressing this issue (for the Icam group as well as the Icam campus in Toulouse). We will also schedule meditation times inspired by “Laudato Si” in the favourable early hours of the day.

Contact with some economic, social and cultural French sites

The conference will offer us the opportunity to visit a major AIRBUS plant, flagship of the industry in the Toulouse region, and to enjoy the cultural landmarks of the city. On Saturday, you will visit the marvelous medieval city of Carcassonne, only an hour by bus or train from Toulouse.

Discover Icam - institution of higher education

The visit of the Icam campus in Toulouse will focus on the following subjects: areas of research, extensive services to Industry and partner companies, the “Pédagogie de la décision”, and the Ignatian teaching approach. We will also present the innovative international undergraduate engineering program titled “Parcours ouvert”, which was launched in September of 2018.