Jesuit Engineering Vision for a Better World

The summit in Boston will represent a milestone event for the future of our network

Explore further the identity, mission, and strategy of our Network

The primary objective of this meeting in Boston is to further the IAJES identity, vision, organizational structure, priorities, and ways of working within our network. In particular, with regard to the "emergency" the world is currently facing, what can we reasonably expect from IAJES members as a common goal in terms of integral ecology? How far and how fast can we progress and work together within IAJES and to have a positive impact on the future society?

In Boston, we will discuss our common ambition in response to the fervent calls signified through the 4 Universal Apostolic Preferences.

Apply the "engineering touch" and make our network grow in efficiency

The main levers for action are the task forces and projects. Beyond the joy of gathering at this event, thanks to the synergy of our expertise and common determination, our network is called to address new challenges and projects in the context of the near future.

The 3 days of our summit will be articulated around 3 axes: Inspiration-Reflection-Action. Our goal is to leave these 3 days with concrete and achievable projects to develop in order to strengthen the relationship between our universities in line with Ignatius' thinking

Plan ahead for the next 2 years of IAJES

An important objective is to elect the IAJES Board for the coming years, as well as to decide on the means to manage and coordinate the task forces and projects in line with the identified plan of action. We will also define our roadmap that will allow us to be in line with the International Association of Jesuit Universities (IAJU).

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