Strategy - Objectives

This provisional expression of our strategy and objectives comes from the discussions held in Bilbao in 2018.

Ensure the good conditions for fellowship, mutual knowledge, exchanges and worldwide cooperation

  • We will create the conditions of collaboration between our universities: Time, ressources, numerical platform, institutional commitment.

  • In good synergy with each member school, put in place a strategic plan with well identified objectives that can be assessed in terms of achievement.

  • Develop a sustainable financial & funding model

Encourage every Engineering School to become a pilot site for integral ecology:

According to the IAJU 3rd priority work group: "Building and implementing a local plan to shift to 100% renewable energy and stimulate local clean-energy economy. Building a campus sustainability ethic… we must Embrace the practice of reduce, reuse, recycle and share. Engage students in this plan so that they can put to work what they learned and practice what they should do in their professional lives. Create in them a global mindset and her desire to address large-scale challenges."

Develop extensive exchange programs

Encourage mobility of faculty and students for 1 quarter or 1 semester or 1 year or Summer Program

Engage faculty and students in shared projects in a global, multicultural approach

Perform shared research projects,

Understanding each institution competitive advantages for collaboration, leveraging our strengths, identifying where each jesuit University can make the most impact on advancing “Laudato si”, the SDGs and the Paris agreement, and strengthening those impactful areas of learning and action.

Collaborating in interdisciplinarity and with our social centers in service and advocacy. Our universities could provide answers to the Social and environmental issues posed by our social centers, and work together with them in implementing solutions.

      • Co-supervision of PhD students

      • Joint chairs

      • Create a blended PhD program supported by multiple institutions

      • Pilot projects (Energy, water, urbanization, logistics…)

Conduct shared teaching projects:

Teaching environmental & economic justice across the curriculum. Not a single student should be graduating from our universities without a high degree of ethical, environmental and economic literacy.

    • “Engineering and social justice” case studies repository

    • Cursus for graduate training for faculty.

Acting in solidarity with the Engineering schools in starting stage or in developing countries